Explanation As To terms Of Title

Detailed title report will provide guidance as to : 

plan : checking property correctly identified 
tenure : freehold : leasehold : commonhold 

: explanation on lease provisions including :

: term of years
: ground rent
: service charge : if any
: rights : granted and reserved
: covenants
: insurance 

freehold : consideration to purchase of freehold reversion 
personal inspection

: important for you to check for : for example :

: occupants
: rights of way
: rights to light
: rights to drainage
: right to park 

vacant possession : ensure contract provides for vacant possession on completion 

: importance of checking for :

: rights passing with the property : enjoyed over other land
: rights over the property : enjoyed by other land 

covenants : advising as to the extent and implications of both positive and negative (restrictive) covenants 
terms of transfer/lease : advice given on areas requiring specific attention