Summary of usual searches and enquiries : purchase and/or remortgage

  • local land charge search
  • standard and optional enquiries of the local authority
  • standard water and drainage enquiries
  • environmental data search
  • chancel repair liability search
  • coal authority search

Local Land Charge Search

Information obtained : the most important are : some planning decisions, compulsory purchase orders, financial charges affecting the property and tree preservation orders

Standard And Optional Enquiries Of The Local Authority

Information obtained : note : relates only to the property being searched against : matters which affect neighbouring properties are not disclosed in the search replies

Standard Enquiries :

Planning and building regulations; roads; land for public purposes; land for road works; drainage agreements and consents; road schemes; railway schemes; traffic schemes; outstanding notices; infringements of building regulation; notices, orders, directions and proceedings under planning acts; conservation areas; compulsory purchase: contaminated land; radon gas.

Optional Enquiries :

Road proposal by private bodies; public paths and byways; advertisements; completion notices; parks and countryside; pipelines; houses in multiple occupation; noise abatement; urban development areas; enterprise zones; inner urban improvement areas; simplified planning zones; land maintenance notices; mineral consultation areas; hazardous substance consents; environmental and pollution notices; food safety notices; hedgerow notices; common land and town and village greens.

Standard Water And Drainage Enquiries

Information obtained : location of public sewers within boundaries of the property or its vicinity; whether foul water and surface drainage from property drain to a public sewer; whether any sewers or proposed sewers are adopted; location of public water mains and whether the property is connected; the basis of charging for sewerage and water supply to the property

Environmental Data Search

Information obtained : depending upon provider : all information held by regulatory bodies, a detailed land use survey highlighting current and historic uses, floodplain data, risk assessment

Chancel Repair

Information obtained : determination as to whether property is located in a parish where there remains a potential to enforce chancel repair liability

Coal Search

Information obtained : whether the property is in an area where coal mining has taken or is likely to take place; the existence of underground coal workings and mine entries which may cause problems with subsidence; whether compensation for subsidence has been paid in the past or repairs carried out or any claim is current

Less Usual

waterways river stream or canal
railways underground
railways overground
tin mining west devon or cornwall
clay mining dorset, west devon or cornwall
brine : covered now by the coal authority report
limestone dudley, sandwell, walsall or wolverhampton