Standard form preliminary enquiries that will be dealt with as part of the conveyancing process will include :

  • a. property information form : Law Society form TA6
  • b. leasehold information form : Law Society form TA7
  • c. fittings and contents form : : Law Society form TA10

A summary of the information contained in these enquiry forms it set out below :

In addition : supplementary enquiries of seller’s solicitors

Please Note : Information For Buyers

These forms will provide little (if any) information as to the state or condition of the property and in this respect you will need to rely entirely upon the results of your own inspection and/or survey report : if you expect the seller to remedy (or pay for) any defects, this will have to be agreed with them before contracts are exchanged and by way of special condition to the contract

In general the contract will provide for you to accept the property in it’s state and condition as at the date of exchange : it is important, therefore, that (if possible) you arrange to re-inspect the property immediately prior to exchange

Need For Detailed Survey Report

I would strongly recommend the benefit of an independent survey report : I will normally be able to recommend someone to deal with this for you : you may care to call to discuss : please see also the ‘reports’ section on this website

As To Fittings And Contents

Please note you should not assume that any items marked as included in the purchase are necessarily in proper working order : if this is of concern, you should arrange for any such items to be checked prior to exchange

Property Information Form

  • 01. boundaries
  • 02. disputes and complaints
  • 03. notices and proposals
  • 04. alterations planning and building control
  • 05. guarantees and warranties
  • 06. insurance
  • 07. environmental matters
  • 08. rights and informal arrangements
  • 09. parking
  • 10. other charges
  • 11. occupiers
  • 12. services
  • 13. connection to utilities and services
  • 14. transaction information

Leasehold Information Form

  • 01. the property
  • 02. relevant documents
  • 03. management of the building
  • 04. contact details
  • 05. maintenance and service charges
  • 06. notices
  • 07. consents
  • 08. complaints
  • 09. alterations
  • 10. enfranchisement

Fittings And Contents Form

  • 01. basic fittings
  • 02. kitchen
  • 03. bathroom
  • 04. carpets
  • 05. curtains and curtain rails
  • 06. light fittings
  • 07. fitted units
  • 08. outdoor area
  • 09. television and telephone
  • 10. stock of fuel
  • 11. other items